The soft blue keys

Robert J Fitz
1 min readSep 25, 2019


I don’t want to add to all the negativity
Of modern 24-hour news speak,
Sensationalising the facts,
With broody figures of authority.
Wielding silver tongues
sweating heavy for another leak.

I’ve had enough of its’ damaging effects on my family,
So I choose not to add to its sinister reach.

But its’ only natural to want to add to something,
to strive towards work that is worthwhile
And to work hard at it.
So I can earn the party afterwards.

And not waste this pristine place
For the sake of catching up with some,
apocalyptic nonsense.
Consumption without consequence.

So excuse me while I save my last dance
From falling in with ballistic tweets,
the corporate leech
A never-ending newsfeed of pollution.

I’ll never get used to it.
Wasting what resides within
On things that are not worth it,

Aphxiating purse strings,
Some sorry excuse for modern lore
Which I choose to ignore,
For the sake of more intricate tales of infinity.
Where things aren’t so easy to consume,
Where this complex world won’t be over so soon.

Because it belongs, in part
to me and mine,
And we’ve got the keys to the sky,
and we’ve still got time.

To pull together a light,
that can outshine the bottom line,
And reignite something inside.



Robert J Fitz

Spoken word poetry and poetic considerations on public affairs. Maybe the odd story as well.