Please stop complaining

Robert J Fitz
Feb 9, 2021


2020 was the year that everything changed,
2021 will be a year of much more of the same.

What’s occurring is not,
A cause for a complain.
But rather it’s the labour pains.
Long-overdue revolutions.
Finally coming home.
To set aflame
to our old, outdated ways.

So let the old world fade away.
Don’t complain.
Don't give out and trample on,
the little-green-shoots In the rubble,
Of what we once called tomorrow,
Now yesterday.

Be brave.
Show this budding new place,
Not your fear, your hatred, or your disdain.
Show it some patience, good humour,
Give it some grace.

Don’t complain.
Let this new world know
That it’s safe to come out to play.



Robert J Fitz

Spoken word poetry and poetic considerations on public affairs. Maybe the odd story as well.